Business Consultant, Experienced Software Engineer


I solve business problems and create additional value for my clients. My name is Jozef Wagner and my expertise as a business consultant lies in creating software that is tailored to meet individual business needs. With more than 10 years of professional experience, I deliver solutions that generate revenue, have low total cost of ownership, and are flexible when adopting to new business strategies and initiatives.

I specialize in addressing business needs with the application of techniques from the field of data mining, business intelligence and machine learning. I help to reduce risks and maintain trust in my clients' products, processes, and business critical systems. I also aid them in making better and more informed decisions.

Software Development  •  Business Intelligence  •  Clojure Specialist


  • Implemented and deployed backend services that collect and process large amount of streaming geolocalized content, providing input for a data analytics platform for urban design, city planning and urban management market.

  • Contributed to the middleware services for innovative data-driven analytics platform for a multinational information design agency, which enabled company to provide a new group of services and generate additional revenue.

  • Designed and implemented software solution that allowed company to introduce new product for the medical and chemical laboratories.

  • Upgraded existing software and implemented new features that enabled company operating in electrochemical industry to enter Asian market, gain competitive advantage and generate further revenue.

  • Created a software solution from the ground up that communicates with and controls a monitoring system for waste waters and technological liquids, operating at multinational hardware manufacturers throughout western and southern Europe.

  • Performed provisioning and administration of dedicated servers and a private cloud. Introduced state of the art approaches and solutions for the technology operations.

  • Participated, as a member of multinational and multidisciplinary team, in the process of application of semantic technologies to the education process, designing and implementing ontologies and related backend services that provide novel ways of data management and knowledge analysis.

More details will be provided upon request.

Consulting Services

I bring additional business value to my clients by:

  • Designing, development and deployment of software solutions that solve their business problems and brings additional revenue.

  • Processing and analyzing company’s available data and logs, in order to discover actionable knowledge that will enable my clients to make highly informed decisions.

  • Helping to automate various line of business processes including data analysis one, in order to reduce costs and provide real time and up to date evaluations and insights.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Located in Central Europe, I provide my services primarily for the EU region, and remotely. See more technology heavy details about my consulting services and technical proficiencies.

I’m particularly interested in projects that involve the usage of a Clojure programming language. Please read more about my services that will help your new or existing Clojure projects to deliver, scale and adapt to your customers' ever changing needs.

Open Source Projects

I’m one of the few Clojure 1.7 contributors.


Latest posts from my low-frequency software development and Clojure related blog:


  • Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, Technical University of Kosice.

    • Dissertation: Analysis of Knowledge Creation Processes. Event log analysis with search based on knowledge-creation patterns

  • M.Sc. eq. in Artificial Intelligence, Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, Technical University of Kosice.

    • Master thesis: Multiagent computer generated oponents for Counter Strike with automatic map generation

Selected Academic Publications

  • Babič, F., Wagner, J., Paralič, J. (2012). Investigation of performed user activities in overall context with IT analytical framework. In: Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing : Business Information Systems, Heidelberg : Springer-Verlag, Roč.117(2012), s.284-295, ISSN 1865-1348.

  • Babič, F., Wagner, J., Paralič, J. (2012). The use of event logs for collaborative practices reflection. In: International Journal of Intelligent Information and Database Systems, Roč.6, č.5(2012), s.421-435, ISSN 1751-5866.

  • Paralič, J., Richter, Ch., Babič, F., Wagner, J., Raček, M. (2011). Mirroring of knowledge practices based on user-defined patterns. In: The Journal of Universal Computer Science, roč. 17, č. 10 (2011), s.1474-1491, ISSN 0948-695X.

  • Paralič, J., Babič, F., Wagner, J., Bednár, P., Paralič, M. (2010). KP-lab system for the support of collaborative learning and working practices, based on trialogical learning. In: Informatica : an International Journal of Computing and Informatics. Vol. 34, no. 3 (2010), s.341-351, ISSN 0350-5596.